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Kinds of healing


A direct acting powerful healing energy and treatment that is experienced more physically directly. The treatment is optimal for those who feel, among other things: ~ Lack of energy ~ Worried

~ Unmotivated ~ Rootless ~Willful ~ Tired. The energy goes where it is most needed and to the root problem.


Kundalini healing includes several different healing techniques in one treatment. It:

~ Gives and replenishes energy.

~ Gives more joy, desire and energy.

~ Relieves anxiety, discomfort and strengthens the power both physically and mentally.

~ The balance in your chakras is restored.

~ Purifying and stabilizing effect.

You may also find that you...

~ Can be more creative.

~ Can concentrate better.

~ Self-confidence improves.

~ You may experience goals and desires more clearly.

~ Sleep better and become healthier.


Offered via distance.

At a distance, everything that wants to come out is written down and sent to you.

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Balancing Reiki

This healing balances your whole body, your whole energy system.

Good when you feel stressed and it balances both body and mind.

A fast method and direct action that gives quick results.


~ Strengthens your immune system.

~ The energy gives the body and mind a chance to recover.

~ Stress reduction.

~ Creates balance and harmony in mind and body.

~ Activates your meridians (energy pathways) in your body.

~ Physical healing, freeing the body from toxins and making it easier to fight disease.

Image by Esther Verdú

Diamond Healing

A soft but powerful, purifying and airy healing that envelops and flows through you with the properties of a diamond.

A warm loving energy that both heals and opens up your heart.


~ Strengthens the connection with the Self.

~ It heals things in the past as well as in the present.

~ It releases energy blockages, memories and images are awakened and come to the surface.

~ Experience and a sense of peace emerges.

~ It heals the entire body, soul and aura.

Most people after a treatment are strengthened, more alert, lighter, happier, more open, more peaceful and become one with their light body.

Image by Anna Zakharova


Imara Reiki means MORE Reiki... It is experienced much more and is a powerful but loving healing energy.

It can help with, among other things:

~Past life events and repressed events/situations.

~ Blockages - physical and emotional.

~ Trauma.

~ It assists and alleviates psychological effects of past bad experiences.

~ Helps to heal deeply buried issues in the human psyche and memory.

~ Imara is good for those suffering from emotional, physical or spiritual trauma and repressed emotions.

~ It can strengthen contact with spirituality, light, love and wisdom.


We go through needs and possible problems. I check if there are imbalances, blockages, stagnations in your aura, mental and physical body. 

This treatment is done both via distance and Irl, physical treatments.

Image by Joanna Kosinska

Crystal Healing

An amazing healing energy that heals trauma and fears, among other things.


~ Releases tensions blockages and energy constrictions that cause pain in the body and in muscles.

~ It heals both emotions and the physical body. It can feel like the healing is going to places inside the body.

~ Tensions are released/cleared.

~ It also activates your light body and strengthens your connection with your spiritual guides and team.

~ Emotional healing, to better manage the ups and downs of life.

~ Relieves chronic pain.

~ Increases energy.

~ Increases self-esteem and confidence.

Image by Esther Verdú

Womb/Yoni Healing

A soft loving and healing healing for both body and soul. It heals trauma, various sexual abuse, grief, self-love, pleasure and strengthens the connection with yourself.


~Strengthens sensuality and sexuality.

~Heals to previous sexual contacts and experiences. Both in this and in previous lives. ~Physical and psychological trauma.

~Loss and separation.

~Pain and imbalances.


Treatment takes place while dressed and via hand placement on the stomach, at the uterus and around the pelvis. I sit on one side of you, not between

your legs. If you find it uncomfortable, I do distance treatment.

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Localizing Healing

This healing goes where it is needed and where the root problem lies. It is a very loving energy and it seeks out your blockages, basic problems and causes:

~ Karma.

~ Events, places, emotions and memories that drain your energy.

~ Starts recovery in the body.

~ It looks up in the body and mind where it is needed and goes in with healing.

~ Heals both physically and mentally.

~ Purifies and replenishes energy.


A powerful balancing energy that gives a result in your entire energy system.


We start by reviewing how you feel, your needs and problems. I check your aura, mental and physical body.

Read your 7 most common chakras both intuitively and physically with different techniques and with different tools.


~ Balances up removes blockages replenishes energy, cleanses and finishes with healing that is adapted to your specific needs.

Past Life Healing

Past life experiences can remain in your cellular memories and create stagnations and blockages in your body.

This healing goes to conscious and unconscious memories, obstacles, blockages and situations from previous lives that are stuck.

In physical treatment, I mediate those that emerge during the session.


~ Relieves pain memories and possible illnesses.

~Fixes imbalances in the body and mind.

~ Remove unexplained fears and phobias.


The aura can start to shine more brightly and you become more aware and present in the moment.


Is a Japanese healing energy medicine and frequency that aids and induces deep relaxation, acts as a stress reducer and strengthens your self-healing.


~ It brings peace and more relaxation,

~ Balances and increases life energy.

~ Improves sleep and recovery.

~ A calm, soft embracing energy.

~ Good for improving mental health.


It accelerates healing in both our physical body, our soul and aura.

Trauma Healing

A soft and healing cure for both body and soul.

It heals to, among other things


~ Shock.

~ Various sexual assaults.

~ Grief.

~ Loss.

~ Self-love.

~ Pleasure.

~Contact with yourself.

~ The inner child/youth.


It helps you reclaim your original power and strengthens your connection with yourself.

~ Strengthens your sexuality.

~ Heals to past sexual contacts and experiences. Both in this and in previous lives.

~ Loss and separation.

~ Pain and imbalances.

~ Identity crisis.

~ Shock.


The information is intended for informational purposes only. It is not intended and should not be understood or interpreted as medical or health advice. Måntida expressly recommends that you seek medical advice from your doctor or healthcare professional in the first instance.

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