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- Wow magical..."

"It's absolutely FANTASTIC...really addictive"

"Oh my god, this healing was amazing!!! got some tears, thank you nice you."


"It was a wonderful healing. It went in like bubbling sugar drink and heat into my neck and it radiated down my back and my whole body. It crackled around my head. Thank you!"

"Thank you so much for an incredibly warm and beautiful healing"

"Thank you it feels so nice and soft. It is working at full speed in the body"

"Thank you so much! I felt it in my soul, everything is so right"

Hugs Elisabeth

"Thank you for your recent treatment. I feel it has helped me in many ways and I am so grateful.

Thank you so much!"

"Thank you for the healing... It was amazing!!! I felt a strong radiation going down my head after the treatment had been going on for a little while. Thank you please wish you a great weekend."

Hugs Shintia

"Thank you for being here Jennie. I know you can help me heal and am so grateful for that."

"I have noticed positive things happening inside.

I'm so happy and grateful that I found you who can help me lift out all the old junk and get a chance to heal.

All the best to you, thank you!"

Hugs Ingalill

"Thank you for a wonderful and intense healing. Great change within me. I have come to realize a lot in my mind. Thank you very much!"

"Good guidance with a lot of warmth, thank you" 

/ Ingrid

"Hi Jennie just want to thank you again!

this is something I really feel good about.

Will participate more times." 


"Visit Jennie and experience her magical rooms and treatments! I received a nice healing on my whole body where Jennie returned to me what I needed to hear about my energies. She is brilliant"/ Marita

"Hello thank you please, I am really so happy that I found you."

Regards Elin

"I feel warmth and some kind of activity in my body - it became warm and relaxed, nice."


"Thank you Jennie! I felt an amazing warmth in my body and am curious how the healing will take shape in the future. I can warmly recommend you and your services, I am very impressed."/ Kim

"Thank you! Your healing and your words are so heartfelt and true. Thank you please!"/ Anna

"Thank you for an exciting treatment with terahertz frequencies! I look forward to how the body reacts to this in the coming days." / Pia

"Hi Jennie! Thanks for all the help! Very overwhelming! Feels like we will see you again soon!"

Greetings Anneli

"Wow it's absolutely amazing...and different, I really feel's so nice. Afterwards, I am so calm and it is so relaxed where it has been so tense for so long."

Thank you !/Kristina

"Thank you for a wonderful and intense healing. Great change within me. I have come to realize a lot in my mind. Thank you very much!"


!It would be a dream to try a healing with you irl, because if I know so much of your distance healings, it would be absolutely magical in irl."

Thank you best Jennie!


- Marit

It was an amazing new experience!!!

Felt that old garbage was cleared away and then I felt how I was filled with healing and new energy.

All the pain disappeared!

Thank you"

- Kristina

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Image by Anna Zakharova


I offer distance treatments in the form of healing, intuitive messages/readings all over the world. 

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