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Image by Esperanza Doronila


Each treatment is unique and looks different from time to time. The needs change and you change. It is a transformative journey where we peel off layer after layer until we reach the core of your soul, of your root problem or the missing soul piece.

I bring things to the surface, what needs to come out. and seen and the healing starts a healing process in both body and soul.

During the treatment, you can experience the energy in the form of buzzing, heat exchanges and different emotions can appear.

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"It's absolutely FANTASTIC...really addictive" Thank you!

At distance healing

In distance healing, you sit or lie down and preferably with a blanket as you can experience different temperature differences.

The healing sometimes gives a directly noticeable change and improvement and sometimes you do not notice anything but the healing works with you just as much anyway.


The energy works with you for a good while after the session sometimes weeks, so feel free to take it easy, be a little gentle with yourself and feel free to fill up with extra water to help any cleansing.


The healing starts the energies in the physical, emotional and mental body so these energies can flow freely in their own power.


I recommend about 3-4 sessions with not too much time in between for optimal treatment, but it is you who knows best what you need.

Treatment session

For physical treatments, we meet and go through your needs and problems and symptoms.

I check if you have any blockages, stagnations or imbalances in your aura, physical and mental body.

Then develop the right optimal healing session for you, at this very moment.

Distance services

I have regular customers in the UK, USA, Australia and others.

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