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Image by Joanna Kosinska


My name is Jennie and I live with my family on Gotland.

Healing for me is a calling, a gift and is my life purpose.

Spiritual and emotional healing is just as important as physical healing.

and go hand in hand.


My treatments are geared more towards the spiritual and emotional 

emotional healing that is often the root cause of many physical problems. 


I have a strong sense of intuition and sensitivity and have a history of 

burnout and exhaustion. My way back was, among other things, healing.

I love to follow people's growth and their personal path to healing and inner peace. 


Through, among other things, my Reiki Masters training and various holistic energy trainings I got some of my tools,

my important keys that I use in my treatments as a soul healer and Reiki master.

I am an energy worker who reads, receives and transmits energies.

and has over the years attended many different courses and trainings in the field.

I have my treatment room at home in Lokrume and by appointment

in Västergarn.

With educations in both Usui and kundalini Reiki healing in the background, I started working with energy treatments during the time I 

went a 2 year Priestess education, then MånTida was born. 

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Why MånTida?

The name Måntida (Moontime =Moontime/a) came about when we during the education would do events as part of the exam, I then started by sending distance healing at the moon's different phases.

I am a certified Priestess of the Moon and Priestess of Nature.

With the teachings of nature, elemental knowledge and moon wisdom from both the Nordic tradition and the Avalonian, I weave together amazing treatments and services.

Now I am also training to become a recovery therapist which will be an additional dimension

in my energy work. 


                         Hugs Jennie


  • Usui Reiki Master 2010 / Åsa Forsberg, Solkristallen 

  • Priestess of Nature 2 years 2018-19 / Ann Forsberg, Solkristallen

  • Kundalini Reiki Master 2019 / Dag Lindlöf

  • Priestess of the Moon 2019 / Priestess of the Rose

  • Recovery Therapist- Ongoing

  • Medium education / Maj Lundqvist

  • Rose Priestess / Rose Sister, initiated / dedicated in the white, red, pink rose / Magdalene Rose Temple & Priestess of the Rose etc.

  • Initiated in 13 rites - Munay Ki. Womb/Life/wisdomkeeper. 

  • Hairdresser,/Spa/Massage.

  • Healing, energy and chakra knowledge

  • channeling and transformation/activation work.

  • Ayurveda

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