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Beautiful soul...

Do you have a longing for more inner peace? To inner and outer harmony and beauty? To live a richer life in touch with your heart and soul?

Then you have come to the right place.


A warm welcome!


I help and guide you in the process of finding your path, your own keys and tools for a more balanced life.


I offer services and products that support you on your journey and your path to healing.

I am a trained multidimensional energy worker, Soul-Listic therapist and Soul Healer who guides you to your inner self with my knowledge wisdom and healing - home to the self, home to ourselves,


-to soulful living.

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Every treatment is unique and looks different from time to time. Needs change and you change.

It is a transformative journey where we peel off layer after layer until we reach the core,

the core of your soul, of your root problem or the missing soul piece.


Kundalini/Imara/Usui Reiki.

Both distance and physical treatments.

Healing treatment where we go in depth. I am intuitively guided into your inner self and where I put words and describe experiences on what emerges. Meanwhile, healing is given to your experiences, memories, feelings, needs and root causes. I read and balance, cleanse and replenish with new energy.


Intuitiv Reading

An intuitive reading session where the pendulum chooses which oracle cards and which cards are meant for you. I contact, among other things, the spirits of the cards, your spiritual team and together with the pendulum and the message and wisdom of the oracle card spirits, we get guidance on your questions and thoughts. Helping you to dare to open new doors, life and choices.


Healing & Massage

An excellent combination treatment for body and mind.

Available with or without healing.

Massage with Reiki activated hands, ending with the healing varieties you need. An unbeatable combination of massage and 2-4 healing techniques/sorts in one treatment.  It can be among others ~Imara~ Balancing ~ Crystal ~Diamond ~ Localizing~ Past Life~ Usui ~ Trauma ~ DNA ~ Kundalini.

Soul-listic therapy

Spiritual and holistic therapy where we work with the soul and the heart.

Recovery/ reacgarge therapy is a spiritual holistic therapy where we work with the soul and the heart. We find home to the self, our inner self and bring home ourselves.  This session combines talks with meditation, mindfulness, exercises, personal development, medial/spiritual guidance, oracle cards and stress management - each session ends with Healing.


Crystal/Ir frequency therapy

Good for high levels of pain.

Recovery and stress reduction.

An effective form of therapy that is easy and risk-free to use with no side effects. Contains negative ions that cleanse bacteria and viruses, heal inflammation, etc. Positive effects: Improve the lymphatic system Reduces pain in fibromyalgia Helps to improve sleep Improves blood circulation and cell renewal Relieves pain and inflammation Strengthens the immune system The mattress contains both jade stone and tourmaline stone that are of high quality. 

Terahertz frequency treatment

A holistic treatment for aura, body, soul and spirit.

Both distance and physical treatments.

Terahertz technology Resonates with our cells, thus activating healthy and dormant cells. Eliminates bad ones.  Quantum technology Generates scalar energy that energizes our cells, balances our body systems, strengthens the body, produces healing energy and penetrates deeper into our vital organs.  Optical quartz technology It amplifies the energy generated from the device/rod, creating powerful treatment, and strengthens the auric fields in the body.


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For your inner and outer beauty.

Everything you need for your healing path.

"You must not disappear

from my life, you are magical."


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